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Got a question? Give us a call or visit our FAQs page. Terms and Conditions of Website Use is a website owned and operated by Travel Brands Inc. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all users of this website. By using this website you agree solely to these Terms and Conditions, as written and listed on this page for this website. This Web Site (the 'Web Site') is owned and operated by TravelBrands Inc., doing business as "Bel Air Travel." For purposes of these Terms & Conditions the words `you," "your," "passenger" and "cardholder" refer to each person who books or otherwise purchases or receives goods and services arranged through Bel Air Travel. The words "Bel Air Travel", "", "our" "us" and "we" refer to TravelBrands Inc., its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates and agents.

In addition to Bel Air Travel terms and conditions, you agree to the terms and conditions of the respective tour company/operator, airline, hotel, car rental or other supplier of services providing the travel product you are purchasing (E.g. vacation packages, flights, hotel reservations, etc.). The Rules and Regulations (or Terms & Conditions) for the tour operator, airline, etc. providing the customer’s selected product are made available during the booking process via a featured link to these provider's Terms and Conditions.

It is the responsibility of the user to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Bel Air Travel (in these Terms and Conditions referred to as before purchasing travel services through the website and/or its affiliate sites. We reserve the right to market and re-market to visitors upon using this website. Users may opt out of marketing communications at any time. We reserve the right to update and/or modify these Terms when required. It is the responsibility of the user to return to this page to review updated versions of our Terms of Use / Terms & Conditions.

Users of the website shall be referred to as 'the customer' in these Terms & Conditions (also known collectively as “The Agreement”). Bel Air Travel's Privacy Policy is incorporated herein by reference, and you agree to the terms and provisions therein.

Responsibility of this Website (Travel Brands Inc. DBA a licensed travel agency in the province of Ontario and throughout Canada. As such, it offers the service of providing reservations and travel information for users of this site and our customers, as supplied by various third party providers (E.g. tour operators, airlines, hotels, etc.) to the customer. Bel Air Travel, acting as a travel agency, makes arrangements with suppliers who provide travel services such as air travel, hotels, buses, sightseeing, car rental or other activities included in your booking (collectively, "Independent Providers"). These travel services are subject to the conditions applicable thereto as imposed by these Independent Providers, and their liability may be limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage and international conventions and arrangements. Bel Air Travel does not own, manage, operate, or control any vehicle, hotel, resort, restaurant, or other supplier of services, and is not responsible for their acts or omissions.

As a condition of use for this website, customers purchasing travel product on certify that they have reached the age of majority in the province of Ontario, 18 years of age, as well as the age of majority in their province of residence. If a customer is under the age of majority they must book travel services over the phone and be able to offer live, vocal proof of permission from a valid adult legal guardian and deliver by email or fax a parental/guardian consent letter. Alternatively, the minor may book in person at our offices, accompanied by a legal guardian (with valid supporting identification).

Membership with Bel Air Travel

Membership with is completely free.

Benefits of membership may include extra discounts on listed pricing and/or exclusive deals for members. Bel Air Travel's member services offered through this website require registration. By registering for a membership with, you agree to provide accurate and current information about yourself as required by the registration process, and agree to update relevant information as necessary to ensure that Bel Air Travel's records are kept accurate and complete. Membership information that is required includes but is not limited to: the full name of the member, a valid email address, place of residence, etc. You do not need a membership in order to make purchases/bookings through this website. Though special promotions will not be presented to non-members.

You ("the member") are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of your passwords or other account information/identifiers which you choose or are assigned as a result of registering with the membership service as well as all activities that occur under said membership account. The member agrees to immediately notify of any unauthorized use of their account. Bel Air Travel shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any losses or damages of any kind incurred as a result of or in connection with a member's failings to comply with the above membership account requirements.

Previous charges for membership will not be reimbursed , nor is Bel Air Travel required to reimburse, the past and current member any amounts prepaid for use of any past services provided by Bel Air Travel. 

Bel Air Travel may, without prior notice, suspend and/or terminate an account for this website if the rules and regulations for membership and accounts, as well as if the website's Terms of Use, are violated under any circumstances. is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our users. Please view our online Privacy Policy for more details. By using this website you give consent to the terms outlined in the Privacy Policy.

Use of Copyright and Trademarks

"Bel Air Travel", "" and other Bel Air Travel logos and trademarks, as well as certain other names, words, logos, slogans, images, marks, trade names, and trademarks used on our website, are either our properties of or their respective owners. You may not use, reproduce, copy or manipulate any such logos, trademarks, slogans, images, marks, or trade names in any manner without our prior written consent.

All content of this website, including all information, design, images, sound, photographs, video, illustrations, icons, graphics, headers, text, data and software (collectively, "Content") and the presentation, arrangement, coordination, enhancement and selection of such Content are subject to intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights or licenses held by us or by third parties. All such rights are expressly reserved.


Our website enables you to provide us with comments. If you provide us with comments, you grant Bel Air Travel a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, and display such comments throughout the world in any media. You also grant Bel Air Travel the right to use the name you submit with the comments, if any, in connection with the comments.

Pricing and Content Shown on

All prices within this website are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated and are most commonly displayed as priced in “CAD” or “CDN”. There are circumstances where you may be able to change the currency when purchasing “Hotel Only” product. In order to make a booking in an alternative currency, you must first select your preferred currency which will be displayed alongside your corresponding Hotel selection (e.g., EUR, GBP), prior to purchase.

Some airport fees, taxes and baggage fees, where applicable, may not be included in the pricing. Baggage fees vary depending on the airline the customer is booking with. It is the responsibility of the customer to read the individual baggage handling policies of their chosen airline. Advanced Seat

Selection is recommended, if made available by the airline. Additional fees may apply, and will be collected by the respective airline.

Flight reservations will be subject to a $15.00 ticketing fee per person, processed through Therefore two (2) charges will appear on your credit card statement; the charge for your airline ticket processed through the Airline or Third Party Supplier and the ticketing fee(s) charge, processed through

All prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice. Any changes in pricing that may occur before, during or after a purchase, as a result of a tour operator change, are not the responsibility of Once a booking is confirmed, pricing CANNOT be adjusted (pending bookings not included). Please note that pricing and availability on packages and flights is not guaranteed until full payment is processed.

There can be circumstances when an advertised price on this website may differ from the final confirmed price. This may be the result of an unavoidable delay in pricing updated from the third party service provider and the most current tour operator, consolidator or airline selling price displayed by Should there be any discrepancy between the initial advertised price displayed on this website and that of the actual tour operator selling price; the latter, confirmed-final price shall prevail. Prices may also vary if a customer is booking a single, triple or quadruple occupancy per room, thus altering the pricing format set out by the tour operator. When a vacation package, flight, hotel only, etc. booking price is confirmed (by clicking “Book”), the actual price reflecting the occupancy changes and/or other circumstances beyond our control, as outlined above, will then appear.

All products are subject to availability. All informational content, such as hotel and destination information on this website is provided only as a guideline and may not be an exact representation. Hotel and destination images as well as information on this website are representational only and cannot be guaranteed as completely accurate. is aware that the customer’s requirement for accurate information and as a result makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the content within this website is up-to-date. However, due to constant changes and occasional circumstances beyond our control, some of the hotel and destination information within this website may not be entirely accurate. makes its best effort to ensure that images on this website are as close a representation as possible but, cannot be held responsible for changes or inaccuracies beyond our control.

Some of the website content and images that refers to transportation, hotel accommodations, restaurants and other services is the property of, and is supplied by, independent suppliers are not under our control. does not verify, and does not guarantee, the accuracy of the information and images that we receive from third party vendors, including suppliers of transportation and accommodations. All information, prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Hotel / Resort ratings within this website are not the opinion of and may be different than the hotel ratings of the various tour operators offered on the website.

Separate additional terms and conditions will apply to reservations, purchases of goods and services and other uses of portions of this website and you agree to abide by such other separate additional terms and conditions.

Lowest Price Guarantee - Bel Air Travel will match any genuine price quote provided the price is not below cost. While Bel Air Travel will make every attempt to provide the lowest pricing, occasionally circumstances beyond our control may prevent us from providing the lowest price. These circumstances may include but are not limited to group pricing, blocked space pricing, at source discounts, and exclusive price agreements. Bel Air Travel reserves the right to request a written price quote on any fare that is being matched. Prices are only guaranteed at time of booking and will not be lowered once the booking is complete. Price changes made by the airline or tour operator after a booking has been completed cannot be matched retroactively.


Payment for online bookings is required in full at the time of purchase and charged once the booking is confirmed. Online purchases can be made with North American credit cards only using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Airfare purchases are 100% non-refundable. The credit card holder and/or payee (if payment is in cash tender) on the booking is the person with whom has the contract/ agreement to provide travel services to and it is this person to whom is responsible. All fraudulent purchases will be investigated and prosecuted.

If you are using a third party credit card (the use of a credit card that does not belong to any of the passengers on file) the booking may not be confirmed. Reservations are only confirmed once a verification process is conducted that mitigates the risk of fraud for that booking. Rates and availability are subject to change until the booking is confirmed (payment is processed).

Due to an increasing volume of fraudulent bookings, will only accept payment for travel to India, the Philippines and the continent of Africa through the following means:

  • Payment may be made in cash tender by booking travel in person at the headoffice.
  • Payment may be made via fund transfer (direct deposit) into the TravelBrands Inc. trust account.

Once the transaction is verified and a copy of the bank receipt is emailed or faxed to our offices, we will confirm the booking. Customers must inquire within for more information on how to book in this manner.

Please be advised that availability may be limited and prices are subject to changes on pending reservations. Vacancy, accommodations and ticket prices will only be reserved/ confirmed once the file is paid for in full.

Confirmation and Delivery

After a booking is made, the customer will receive an email confirming the purchase. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all information is accurate at the time of booking (travel dates, destinations, names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) and consistent with the customer’s travel documents. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the customer to verify that the information on the confirmation email is in accordance with the travel product that they have purchased. If there is a discrepancy between the information on the confirmation email and that of what the customer has booked, the customer must contact our offices during our regular business hours at 1-877-675-7707, local at 416-675-7707 or via email at immediately.

Important Information about Ticket Delivery

Your electronic tickets (e-tickets) and supporting information will be sent to you by email (to the address you have indicated in your booking form) within 48 hours of a confirmed booking. Please be sure to set the proper email permissions and check your spam filters/ junk mail folders associated with your email account as e-tickets or other correspondence may be/ have been accidentally filtered into these folders by your email provider.

If you have not received all of your documents please contact us at 1-877-675-7707.


For Travel outside of Canada, most countries require a valid passport for at least 6 months beyond your return date. You may also require a visa depending on the country you are visiting and your passport’s country of issue. You agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that you and all travelling companions have the appropriate documentation to gain entry to the chosen destination and for re-entry back into Canada upon return. You confirm that the spelling of all passenger names entered during the booking process are correct and are how they appear in their travel documentation. You understand that if any changes to the names are required after this booking is confirmed, supplier imposed charges will apply.

It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain all the necessary documents, such as valid passports and visas, required to gain entry into the destination country. Obtaining passports and visas may require lengthy processing times; it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all required documentation is received before travel departure.

Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions (or Rules and Regulations) of the tour operator, airline or hotel providing your travel services specifically if a traveller is pregnant or has another medical situation or condition. Different rules may apply to different tour operators, airlines, etc. and certain conditions are beyond the control of

It is recommended that children under 18 years of age who are travelling alone or with only one parent/guardian, should have a notarized letter of authorization signed by the parent/ guardian who is not travelling or by both parents/guardians not travelling with the child.Immunizations may be required to gain entry into certain destinations and/or to gain re-entry back into Canada. The traveller is responsible for ensuring that they are to up to date with all requirements in this matter.

For information on Canadian requirements regarding provisions on immunizations, passports, visas, etc. please visit It is recommended that travellers contact the destination country’s embassy in Canada with further questions before they depart.


Airfare and vacation package purchases are 100% non-refundable. All purchases may be permitted a change (e.g., a name change on file) for a fee that is determined by the tour operator, airline or consolidator, as well as an additional service fee from Any changes to a booking must be requested in writing. It is highly recommended that the customer purchase travel insurance in order to protect themselves against the loss of their purchase due to unforeseen circumstances. Please see below.


For every sale, offers the option to purchase travel insurance to cover the customer against unforeseen circumstances that may occur prior to, during or after your trip. There are different types of insurance packages available and the purchase of insurance is an optional decision to the customer. highly recommends purchasing travel insurance.

If the customer wants to make an insurance claim, it is their responsibility to contact the insurance company as soon as possible. Please contact us if you require more information regarding travel insurance.


All the contents within this website are the property of and/or its third party suppliers. This website is intended for personal use only and is not to be used for commercial purposes. None of the content found on this website may be reproduced, re-published, displayed, distributed, modified, sold, or transferred without the written consent of

This website is to be used to gather information on travel-related goods and service and to make legitimate purchases and/or reservations. This website may not be used to make any false, fraudulent, or speculative purchases and/or reservations.

Jurisdiction and Legality

The website is owned and operated by Travel Brands Inc., located in Mississauga, Ontario. All purchases on the website are processed according to Ontario regulations. does not divulge customer information to third parties (outside of travel providers); however we may do so if required by government or law enforcement authorities, court order, or to protect the rights and/or properties of and Travel Brands Inc. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Third Party Suppliers

All travel packages, airfares and hotels displayed on this website are supplied to by various third party suppliers (e.g., tour operators) and in turn are subject to their own Terms & Conditions. is a retailer for the third party suppliers and is not responsible for incidents brought upon or caused by any of the third party suppliers.

When the customer purchases travel services through they must refer to the appropriate third party supplier’s Terms & Conditions. It is the responsibility of the customer to refer to the appropriate third party supplier for the Terms & Conditions that are specific to their travel services. cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature whatsoever whether to person or property that may arise from the purchase of any travel services through this website. By purchasing travel services through this website you, the customer, hereby understands and agrees without modification to the terms and conditions listed above. has no liability and will make no refund in the event of any delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or other causes beyond their direct control, and they have no responsibility for any additional expense, omissions, delays, re-routing or acts of any government or authority.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at 416-675-7707 or 1-877-675-7707.

If you would prefer to arrange travel plans “offline”, please call one of our knowledgeable travel specialists at 1-877-675-7707.

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